No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go Strategy: Hints and Tips for Single Table Tournaments in NLH

The game of No-Limit Hold’em Poker is quite simple. After being dealt two cards, players bet before seeing additional cards. After more betting and additional cards, the player with the best hand wins, or has pushed their opponents off the pot. One of the more common variations of play is the Sit and Go Tournament. With only 1, 4 to 5, or 9 opponents, the games are much shorter, making them perfect for the online player who only has about an hour to play.

Starting Tournament Strategy

The first few rotations of a Sit and Go tournament are a great opportunity to pay attention to how people play and what the rest of the tournament may be like. Attempt to get into cheap pots through calling or small raises, but be wary of committing too much of your stack right away. Some players may push huge raises at the beginning of a tournament as a way to gather chips early. Unless holding a great hand, don’t fall for it.

Betting in Sit and Gos

Generally, a player should stick to a specific betting pattern. This ensures that opponents will not be able to predict what kind of hand you have. Furthermore, each bet should be a certain number of the Big Blind. Therefore, if the Big Blind is $20, a viable bet would be $60, or $80. This ensures that the bet still has enough weight to deter potential bettors, but does not over value the hand.

Dealing with Aggressive Poker Players

Sometimes, players in Sit and Go tournaments will be very aggressive, especially those who have a larger chip-stack. In these kinds of situations, it is best to stay as cool as possible. Although it may be challenging to bet and get into pots, the aggressive player will likely be playing a wider selection of hands than anyone else. Wait for a good hand, then play. It may take a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the end!

Hints for Finishing Tournaments

The Sit and Go will progress and as long as a sound strategy has been followed, it is likely that a player can find themselves close to the money. It is also likely that the blinds have increased to the point in which they can have a huge affect on stack size. Here, luck plays an important role. When possessing a small stack, wait for a good hand (or as good as you can get,) then bet hard. If you have a larger stack, use it to push smaller players out of the tournament

Avoiding Tilt in Tournaments

In all Poker variations, every player has to deal with bad luck. The nice thing about SNG tournaments is that they are always finishing and always starting. Bad luck in one tournament does not mean that there will be bad luck in the next. The best strategy is to simply breath deeply and remember that each SNG will be different.

With these tips in mind, any player should be able to make the most of SNG opportunities. Although they may not win every tournament they enter, they may be able to end in the money!


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